His message is urgent and entangled.

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An image from the console inside ESA’s Cebreros facility depicting the output A Simple Response: interstellar message transmitted on 10 Oct 2016 CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

A femtosecond rendering of an uncanny head; smiling, like a mischievous
20-year old Ernesto Guevara. Hair vantablack; long at the top, left side, and back — right side barren, ersatz follicles no longer work;
here, a meta-ink embed reads:

a writer takes its pen
to write the words again
that all in love is fair

Eyes as black as his hair, they’ve the sparkle of knowing and unknowing.
A small Soneto de las Estrellas inked below his left earlobe….

Words from the past are often met with resistance and irony. Are words from the future any more valuable? Did Barron Trump III deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? When was the last time that I saw a flower? …


Polyglot Poem — English and Spanish

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Optical: NASA/HST/ASU/J. Hester et al. X-Ray: NASA/CXC/ASU/J. Hester et al., Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Towers fell and up flew
metaphors, lamentations.

A drone, Herzog ersatz, shot the collapse.
No more blue pulsar impressions.

The staff chilled Hope in their icebox
(The most desired reply).

Instruments probed cold, vast, void;
Crashed and carved unknown pleasures.

We missed the cosmic bus,
Delayed by stale supremacies;
Old rotten tensions gave way
To anemic celebrations
Of bubbly-worthy star gazers…

In Another Time-Slice,
Arecibo collected aural debris —

Never San Salvador; always Guanahani…
We’ll weave neural simulacra,
And dull the pain of conquest.
This encryption is from a non-human source.

Cayeron las torres
& todo es metáfora & lloripari,
Precariedad & abandono. …

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A page from a Song Dynasty (960–1279) printed book of the I Ching (Yi Jing, Book of Changes),
17.7x 11.9cm, printed book, in the National Central Library in Taipei. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

About walking, headphones, and ancient books.

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Bottom left inset: The highest level of magnification revealed tiny yellow blobs, or Earth-mass dark matter haloes as they would appear in the universe today. “ Credit: J. Wang, S. Bose/CfA. Source:

A poem prompted by astrophysics and language.

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ca. 1681 map of the Mississippi River system, based on the 1673 expedition of Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet. Melchisédech Thévenot / Public domain

About water and power.


About haiku composition in Ghost of Tsushima.

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Samurai Takezaki Suenaga fighting back Mongolian warriors, during the Battle of Bun’ei, in 1274 / Public domain

I bought this game a few weeks ago. It’s sprawling and poetic beauty, set during the Mongolian Invasions of Japan, compelled me to collect — and publish — some haikus I’ve written, using the constraints set by the Kurosawa-esque game. These poems are not created from scratch. When the hero finds a suitable spot for inspiration — usually a circular floor matt and some writing utensils — he sits. Hauntingly beautiful music is triggered*, a topic is given, and the game generates 9 verses. The player chooses 3 to compose the piece. …


Miguel Adrover

SP & EN | poetry | society | teaching | science | tech

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