Cosmogonías mías

A bilingual podcast about Poetry, Science, and everything in between.

Miguel Adrover
Jan 28, 2021


Collage by Miguel Adrover

This podcast will feature poems that I’ve written in Spanish and English.
They account for bits and pieces of my life, which is colored by my experience as a Puerto Rican male that taught Biology for the last 10 years. Poems about Poetry, Science, Tech, Media, Colonialism, etc. This is an emerging project. Hopefully, I’ll have guests. Short episodes, about 15 minutes each. This one is a pilot of no more than 4 minutes.

Ep. 1: #1 «poema a la proteína» \ #2: «poliedro» \ #3: «Lagging Strands and Okazaki Fragments» \ music: «Electronic Fanfare», by Halim El-Dabh \ cover: graphene micrograph.

Ep 1: “A propósito de genomas & ansiedades”