About walking, headphones, and ancient books.


A page from a Song Dynasty (960–1279) printed book of the I Ching (Yi Jing, Book of Changes),
17.7x 11.9cm, printed book, in the National Central Library in Taipei. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Enrich enrichment
with 10 pairs of oracle bones
set forth & climb steely mountains
like birds resting on eggs
vastness & good fortune
manifest in good
noble-minded deeds;

indeed set forth & walk & balk
in solitude; aspire to noble self hoods,
en tiempos de bad faith & ‘rona;

camínalo & cántate —
some celestial non-gendered gnosis
blesses you every step.

The Noble-Minded
even full of resentment
never goes astray
always resolute
never feeble-minded;

compose yourself
gather everything together
seek sages, seek the hinge of things
see with the eyes of a heron;

when origins go on forever
what can there be to regret
wield The Ascent
yield, devote — like The River.