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About Black sages and their voices.

Miguel Adrover
3 min readJun 12, 2020
art by @dammit_wesley

I have no words for our age; no solace for the outrage — very few people do. Only black voices can make sense of the zeitgeist; they remind us that the burden of the American Original Sin persists, despite 1968, MLK, Black History Month, and many other gestures of appeasement that these days ring hollow and empty…

It’s because of this lack of words that this story will account for some of the black voices that’ve popped into my social media feeds these days. The first black artist culled from my social media and put into this story will be 2Pac. These days his voice hits all the right notes —

To tell the myth of 2Pac without mentioning his mother, would be a storytelling crime as high as any —

[Afeni] Shakur chose to represent herself in court, pregnant while on trial and facing a 300-year prison sentence and had no law degree. Shakur interviewed witnesses and argued in court. She and the others in the “Panther 21” were acquitted in May 1971 after an eight-month trial. Altogether, Afeni Shakur spent two years in jail…