Picric Acid & colonialism

About a forgotten mass grave of 176 Puerto Ricans in Arkansas.

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Credits to Evin Demirel for the story & Shep Miers for this picture.

Almost a decade ago — 2012, to be exact —

I was consuming social media on that day of an early, hot, and humid Puerto Rican Spring. One comment to this picture caught my attention: someone — a white American male — posted the following link:

This highly explosive organic compound — used for brewing, dye preparation, and as an antiseptic , among many other uses— had an important role to play in early XXth century warfare:


[1] “banana stain”; the nature and character of the Puerto Rican.
[2] The discovery of picric acid (melinite, lyddite) as a powerful explosive. (1903). Public domain book.

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