Quantum Weaver Yocahú [Reweaved]

A series of poems about the crew of a ship fleeing Sol’s hunger.

Miguel Adrover
2 min readJun 26, 2020


EL CAPITÁN, by Miguel Adrover (collage: basketball cards, Astronomy textbook, old magazine)

I chose a couple of pieces from the series:


They’ll touch a new star.
They learned flight from extinct birds;
Plants were their muses,
They learned how to harvest
star power from them;
They embraced quantum supremacy;
They obeyed the voice
of a cold and distant oracle:
The Abomination
that learned to learn to create;
They lost love and loved loss;
They bet on pyrrhic triumphs,
The only ones available;
They created a machine capable
of weaving a universe…

The key is the lock —
¡La cura resulta más mala que la enfermedad*!

They coast cosmic waves:
The wake of a gravitational dance
Between two Bayamón** sized pulsars
They wander wanderlost,
They lust for star-stuff.
*the remedy is worse than the sickness
**a Puerto Rican city


Dark was the night —
Cold: like a gliding superconductor
On a shiny road of Neodymium.
Colder than interstellar space —
I will answer your oldest queries.
I will scratch your ancient itch…
I will account for each slumber.

Read the whole thing — 45 poems — below

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