The Fly

A poem about entomology & survival.

Miguel Adrover
1 min readAug 22, 2020


Musca domestica (Common Housefly). USDAgov / Public domain

She’s been buzzing, rpeming at 1,000 flutters.
I don’t know how much Time she has left.
She’s survived my swats so many times.
I learned to love her; I will not kill her.

So many eyes hip to her Lilliputian existence;
Is she aware, though? Can she be a Being?
Polyhedral light cups are enough
To survive my slow-motion swats.

She’s been buzzing, something died —
All those eyes, still alive;
Goldblum barfing still triggers,
His decay & leaping joy still amazes…

My fly’s been buzzing around
For a couple of days now —
I should wax archaeological

& research wikipaedical:
She as sign & meme,
Are there goddesses erected to her?

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