The Holocene expired

Enter the Anthropocene: a human epoch.

Collage by Miguel Adrover.
Eons with detail, down to the epoch. Public Domain Image.

Could this this trauma be eased with naming the mess?

Please, forgive the eschatological tone of my comments.

“[P]lastic is a disgraced material, lost between the effusion of rubber and the flat hardness of metal: it achieves none of the true productions of the mineral order: foam, fibers, strata.” — Roland Barthes, via “Plastic” (Myths, 1957).

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Guilt is undesired progeny

Becerrillo gnawing taíno bones…Was this written in the Portuguese sky 5 centuries ago? Where bellies of transatlantic vessels — filled with West Africans — inevitable?

Via Kurzgesagt (YouTube Channel)

Closing remarks



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