His message is urgent and entangled.

An image from the console inside ESA’s Cebreros facility depicting the output A Simple Response: interstellar message transmitted on 10 Oct 2016 CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

A femtosecond rendering of an uncanny head; smiling, like a mischievous
20-year old Ernesto Guevara. Hair vantablack; long at the top, left side, and back — right side barren, ersatz follicles no longer work;
here, a meta-ink embed reads:

a writer takes its pen
to write the words again
that all…


Polyglot Poem — English and Spanish

Optical: NASA/HST/ASU/J. Hester et al. X-Ray: NASA/CXC/ASU/J. Hester et al., Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Towers fell and up flew
metaphors, lamentations.

A drone, Herzog ersatz, shot the collapse.
No more blue pulsar impressions.

The staff chilled Hope in their icebox
(The most desired reply).

Instruments probed cold, vast, void;
Crashed and carved unknown pleasures.

We missed the cosmic bus,
Delayed by stale supremacies;

A page from a Song Dynasty (960–1279) printed book of the I Ching (Yi Jing, Book of Changes),
17.7x 11.9cm, printed book, in the National Central Library in Taipei. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Miguel Adrover

SP & EN | poetry | society | teaching | science | tech

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